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    Stories About the Music and Life from the Share Music Project

    For the people in Share Music Project: Germany Hey. Sorry I haven't put anything up yet on the internet (until now). The Share Music Project is going up on Amazon Video (along with, y'know, Oscar winners and stuff :D) But because I, personally, prefer Youtube, I'm doing my own Youtube version...
    14. Mai 2018
    Share Music is a project I'm making for Amazon. However, Amazon video only works in Germany, Japan, and the United States...so, here is the free internet version, for everybody! (Slightly different, but possibly cooler...and sooner, too!) Tired of Social Media? Get FREE updates on FREE...
  • Tired of Social Media?

    Get FREE updates on FREE ShareMusic Episodes. Free music too...

  • Share Yeah Share the Music

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    Plugged into your computer


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    Or lost in your iPhone

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    Or sing songs and make music

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    And make friends or be iLone

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    Get in Touch.

    (In real life)

    The only way to get in touch is in life.

    More Episodes Coming.....from Japan, South Africa, Iceland (maybe), more from Germany (of course), and...?

  • We don't believe in social media

    We believe in social

    If we're meant to meet you, we will. In life.

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